Team Speed & Agility Pack for Rugby

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Quality equipment with step by step training instruction sure to kick-start your rugby team’s speed and agility.

  • This pack allows you to train speed technique, footspeed, agility, evasion, direction change, cone-based drills, speed, flexibility, acceleration and anaerobic fitness.
  • Combining premium quality XLR8 equipment with proven step by step training programme.
  • Includes best selling 75-page rugby speed eBook, 10 online videos with massive 4 hours and 390 video drills and 120 Fitness Speed & Agility Drills eBook.
  • Plan an entire off and pre-season programme, or pick drills and sessions to run a quality speed training session any stage of the year.
  • Coaches, don’t worry… experience needed, the DVDs and Training Guide have step by step drills from beginner to high-level players.
  • Unlike other books and DVDs on the market this resource is written by leading New Zealand fitness experts who have applied their trade from junior through to Super 15 and International level.
  • Suits all positions and all fitness/playing age. Each chapter includes drills for the beginner, intermediate and advanced abilities
  • Enough equipment to tain 20 players.

Additional Information

Pack Contents 

    * 1 x 8m Multi- Coloured Footspeed Ladder.

    * 12 x 30cm Mini Hurdles.

    * 10 x Power Speed Resistors.

    * 10 x Evasion Belts.

    * 30 x Lampshade Cones with carry handle.

    * Carry Bag

    * Speed Training for Rugby ebook training guide.

    * 390 Speed Agility and Conditioning Drills DVD Video Download Set.

    * 120 Fitness Speed & Agility Drills eBook

    * Gear Bag.

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