Sports Speed & Agility Team Pack - Field Sports

      Best speed, agility and power training programme you will find. Quality equipment, ebook, quality online video drills proven to develop winning speed, agility and power.
      • This pack allows you to train speed technique, footspeed, agility, evasion, direction change, cone-based drills, speed, flexibility, acceleration and anaerobic fitness.
      • Carefully planned pack with enough equipment to train full squads.
      • Proven step by step training programme including 40 page speed eBook with supporting instruction videos.
      • Unlike other books and DVDs on the market this resource is written by leading New Zealand fitness experts who have applied their trade from junior through to International level.
      • Train for an entire pre-season, or pick drills and speed training session to suit any stage of the year.
      • Suits all positions and all fitness/playing age. Each chapter includes drills for the beginner, intermediate and advanced abilities.
      Pack Contents:
      • 1 x 8m Multi Coloured Ladder (splits into 4 x 2m)
      • 6 x 30cm Mini Hurdles
      • 6 x 15cm Micro Hurdles
      • 10 x Evasion Belt
      • 10 x Power Speed Resistor
      • 1 x Set of 30 Cones
      • Speed Training for Sport ebook Training Guide.
      • 390 Speed & Agility DVD Video Download Set.
      • Carry Bag.