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Freelap Pro BT 102

Exclusive New Zealand Distributor

This FreelapPro BT 102  system records one distance from a fly or standing stationary start. System includes one FxChip, two Tx Junior Pro Transmitters, and Pro Coach Carry Case.

One transmitter starts the sprint, the second records the finish time. Can be used for all types of starts including standing, three-point, four-point, block, rolling, and flying starts.

Data is sent instantly to a smartphone or tablet. Simply open the MyFreelap App on your device, attach the BLE chip to your waist, set the first transmitter to start, the second to finish and start your run.  

All data is saved to the MyFreelap App. The easiest timing system on the market.

Lead times: Please note that all Freelap items are order as we need them, current lead times are 2-3 weeks.

Freelap is a high quality Swiss made product that will give you years of accurate reliable speed testing data. Comes at a fraction of the price of comparable systems.

Easy‐to‐use, fully automated timing system designed for:

  1. Sprint tests with split times.
  2. Agility tests
  3. Speed endurance tests
  4. Monitoring athletes return from injury
  5. Monitoring fatigue during a session
  6. Individual speed program monitoring

Quick and easy Set Up

Freelap can be set up in less than a minute. Simply turn on the transmitters and place them on the track or field and begin training. Coaches can set up a 30 meter fly‐in sprint in the time it takes them to walk 30 meters.

Individual or Team Training

Freelap is designed to support both the individual athlete and team training. Masters and elite athletes who coach themselves now have the ability to accurately time every sprint of every practice. Coaches who train a team can collect data on all their athletes.


The Freelap components are small and lightweight and many configurations fit in a compact, sturdy case or cinch bag. The small size makes the system convenient for travel. Trainers and athletes can travel with their timing system and continue to train while on the road or at away meets.


Unlike photocell timing systems, Freelap can time multiple athletes simultaneously. For example, Freelap can time several sprinters performing fly‐in 30 meter sprints on the inside lanes while timing mid‐distance runners performing 200 meter tempo runs in the outside lanes. All of the components are mix and match; components can be purchased in kits or individually.


Freelap is less than a third the cost of comparable photocell timing systems.


Freelap can be used to time fly‐in sprints, splits, block starts, tempo runs, and recovery times, laps, long and triple jump runway speed, agility patterns, to name a few. It is used on the track, football and soccer fields, basketball courts, mountain bike paths, ski slopes, swimming pools, and hockey rinks.

High Quality

The precision watches and other quality electronic components are made in Switzerland.

How accurate is the Freelap Timing System?

Our magnetic activated Freelap Stopwatch has an accuracy of 2/100th of a second. This accuracy rate is also what you will find in typically much higher priced photocell timing systems. All the accuracy you need for training without all the hassle of radio signal.

How many athletes can be on the Freelap training course at the same time?

An unlimited number of athletes can be on course at the same time as each transmitter and stopwatch work independently. All Freelap Stopwatch can work with all Freelap transmitters. So your club could own only one set of transmitters and all the athletes could use them.

What is the maximum course length I can time with my Freelap timing system?

There is no maximum length. The only requirement is that the Freelap chip detects at least 1 freelap transmitter every 60 minutes. This should be plenty!

What is the minimum distance between Two Freelap Transmitters?

You can time section as small as 0.80 of a second. This is ideal for most of your fly in sprints.

Can I use this in cold temperature?   

Definitely! We have spent our share of days testing it in cold winter temperature. The kit can easily be used between -20c to +50c.  Also wind or snow wont affect the transmitters so you can get accurate and instant training results no matter how demanding the weather gets.

What kind of batteries does your system use?  

All our different products use very standard batteries that can be found at the local store (Double A and D models for the most part) Our products offer hundreds of training hours in battery life. Please consult your users guides for the exact model for each product and additional battery life information. These guides can also be viewed in our download section.

Do I have to calibrate or synchronize the Freelap Transmitters?

Nope! Just set them up where you want them push ON and youre ready to train! It's that simple!

What is the warranty on Freelap timing systems?

All Freelap products are covered by our 2 years warranty against any manufacturer defects. Have an issue or questions with your Freelap Timing system simply email us or give us a call and will help out!