XLR8 Speed & Agility Athlete Pack - Field Sports

Get fast and get fit!

  • Best speed, agility and quickness training programme you will find for field sport athletes. Football, Touch Rugby, Flag, Rugby, League and Hockey.
  • Train on your own or with 2-3 team mates  Split the cost of the pack with training partners!
  • Carefully designed with quality XLR8 equipment and instruction guides to ensure safe, effective and results driven training.
  • Train raw speed, footspeed, agility, dodging, direction change,flexibility, acceleration and anaerobic fitness.
  • Proven step by step training drills including speed eBook with supporting online videos.
  • Choose drills to suit your fitness levels and target areas.
Pack Contents
  • 1 × 4m Footspeed Ladder
  • 6 × 30cm Mini Hurdles
  • 1 x Power Speed Resistor
  • 1 x Evasion Belt
  • 1 x Power Speed Chute
  • 10 x Marker Cones
  • 1 x Carry Bag
Training Instruction Provided 
  • Speed Training for Sport ebook Training Guide
  • Resisted Spriting Online Video
  • Mini Hurdle Drills Online Video
  • Fastfoot Ladder & Hurdle Drills Online Video
  • Reactive Speed Online Video