Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Speed Power & Stability Systems are committed to the protection of your personal information.

The information you provide may include your name, organisation, address, telephone numbers, email addresses and possibly credit card details. This information will never be sold or passed onto third parties unless required by government authorities, or, in the event of debt recovery.

The information you provide is for the purpose of delivering products and services to you and to administer and manage invoicing and debt collecting. It may also include status of any order you place with us.

We may occasionally use your information to contact you with special offers that we consider to be of relevant interest. If you do not wish to receive promotional offer emails or catalogues, please send an email with UNSUBCRIBE in the subject line to

Information is stored securely in paper or electronic form and is accessible only by authorised personnel. You have the right to request a copy of the information about you that we hold. If there is any detail that is not correct, you can request that we correct that detail. If in supplying your information we would reveal other people's information, we reserve the right to decline your request.