Speed & Agility PT Pack

      Great pack for personal trainers and fitness professionals working with groups or individual athletes.

      • Set up a circuit for up to 30 clients in a group fitness session.
      • Work with small groups of athletes focusing on speed, agility and power.
      • No experience required, the ebook and online video library is all you need to be a speed guru.
      • Drills are easy to teach, progress from beginner level with progressions through to high level advanced drills and sessions as required.

      Pack Contents:

      • 1 x 8m Multi Coloured Ladder (splits into 4 x 2m)
      • 6 x 30cm Mini Hurdles
      • 3 x Evasion Belt
      • 3 x Power Speed Resistor
      • 1 x Set of 30 Cones
      • Speed Training for Sport ebook Training Guide.
      • Full 390 Speed & Agility DVD Video Download Set.
      • Carry Bag.