100% New Zealand Owned and Operated


XLR8 Pro Power Sled


Explosive speed, gut busting power, endurance and strength all in one power packed training tool. For athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking for tougher training.

  • New Zealand made heavy duty reinforced steel design guaranteed to withstand the heaviest weighted tow sprint workouts. 
  • Larger base plate will take up to 80kg of weight and is designed to be loaded with standard plates, Olympic plates or Strength Bags.
  • Removable power pushing bar quickly converts the sled into a total body power development tool. 
  • Push your speed, drive power, fitness, and determination to the limit. 
  • Focus on speed strength tow sprints, short explosive power drives, body position, or anaerobic gut busting pushing workouts. 
  • Option to buy just the Sled or a full set with Power Harness and Connecting Lead.
Only XLR8 Sleds are supplied with a Free programme for the most effective training.
  • Bonus Resisted Sprinting Training Video Download.

  • Bonus Pro Power Sled Drills e-booklet.

    How to weight this Sled

    This Sled is designed with a 1inch weight pole on a wide heavy base. It can be loaded with both standard 1inch or Olympic 2 inch weight plates.

    The design also allows you to use Strength Bags or similar weighted bags to load the sled.