XLR8 Weight Lifting Platform

Serious lifters need a dedicated space to train safe and improve technique. The XLR8 Weightlifting Platform protects your floor and bumpers from loaded barbell drops and provides a rock-solid secure footing surface for lifting heavy.

This weightlifting platform is 60 mm thick and features a steel and iron frame. The wooden middle section has a flexible and strong bamboo interior for stability and smooth traction. 

On each side of the wood panel is the landing area, which is covered with thick rubber and protects the floor and the bumpers when you drop the loaded barbell.

Includes band attachments for more function load options.

The platform has plates for easy bolting to the floor.

Size 2430 mm x 1940 mm x 100 mm

Weight 215kg

  • 60 mm square steel tube. Finished in micro textured electrostatic powder paint. 
  • 6 panels made with 60 mm thick rubber.
  • Plywood panel with a 60 mm thick bamboo interior.
  • 2 x 2320 mm long squared tubes
  • 2 x 1930 mm long squared tubes
  • 4 x iron corners
  • 4 x tubes to anchor accessories.
  • 1 x plywood panel with 1830 x 1100 x 50 mm
  • 6 x rubber panels with 610x 610 x 50 mm
  • Colour: black and birch wood