XLR8 Agility Rings


Most sports require the muscles of the body to work together in a coordinated fashion to produce skilled and complex movement patterns. 

  • Agility Ring drills enhance overall body control, foot speed and coordination. Also a great tool for setting up recreational obstacle courses.
  • The are an excellent tool for beginners seeking to improve their overall athleticism because many of the drills performed with this tool are relatively easy to learn and simple to perform. 
  • As we progress in their skill and proficiency of movement the reactive demands and speed of these movements can be altered to challenge the abilities of even the most advanced athletes.
  • The durable flat plastic sports rings are made of ultradurable PP plastic and are super versatile. You can place them in the desired sequence and run through the rings like an agility ladder or hop from ring to ring.

Choose from 2 Sizes

  • Green 38 cm Diamteer
  • Yellow 70 cm Diameter