XLR8 Flat Base Power Sled

Constructed of Powder Coated High-Gauge 5mm Flat Steel Plate. Designed with a 2inch weight pole to suit Olympic weights. 

  • This unit is will take heavier weights than traditional sleds using Olympic Bumper Plates.
  • Fits up to 150kg in weight to handle the most gut-busting towing, crawling and dragging workouts.
  • Laser cut holes in the plate for connecting tow straps and leads.
  • The weight pole can be removed for storage or transport making this design very portable.
  • Suitable for use on all surfaces, indoors or out.
  • Smooth towing resistance.
  • Includes Pro tow harness and connecting lead.
Only XLR8 Sleds are supplied with a Free programme for the most effective training.
  • Bonus Resisted Sprinting Training Video Download.

  • Bonus Sled Towing Drills e-booklet.