Ice Up Portable Massager

Experience the benefits of direct, active ice massage

  • Effective treatments in 5-10 minute vs. 20 minutes for passive ice packs
  • Quick deep tissue penetration focused on target areas
  • Effective therapy for ligament, tendon and muscular injuries
  • Immediate ice massage increases treatment effectiveness and speeds recovery

Product Features

  • Portable Carry Cooler keeps Ice-Up Stick frozen up to 12 hours
  • Take anywhere for immediate post activity ice massage
  • Leak-proof design 
  • Ergonomic, insulates comfort grip barrel for controlled ice massage
  • Patented ice grippers allow full range of controlled massage pressure
  • Affordable, small and easy to carry - fits in a sports bag or car glove box
  • Simple and effective - just fill it, freeze it and carry it for ice on the spot
  • Includes Ice-Up stick and insulated Carry Cooler