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Quickness and Agility Training For Sport Online Video

Best seller with thousands of copies sold Worldwide. You don’t have to be a track coach to teach sports speed!
  • A combined massive 70 drills and 80 minutes of hands of detailed drill instruction and progressions.
  • All you need to know to develop speed and agility for any sport.
  • Drills are demonstrated in both group and individual situations with clear audio, still frames, slow motion and bullet point graphics.

Chapters Include:

    1. Warming up with speed flexible drills.
    2. Footspeed drills with Speed Ladders.
    3. Leg speed and stride length with Mini Hurdles.
    4. Resisted sprinting techniques with Speed Resistors.
    5. One on one agility drills with Evasion Belts.
    6. Hand eye coordination, reactions, agility, footwork with Reactive Balls.
    7. Quickness and agility team drills using cones.