XLR8 Black Bumper Plates


XLR8 Black Bumpers are an economical and high performance option for any training space.

  • Suits schools, home and commercial use.
  • Great rebound consistency, durability and smooth finish.
  • All bumpers are 450mm in diameter according to IWF standards.
  • Quality vulcanized natural rubber discs.
  • Rings with 50.4mm opening stainless steel inserts.
  • Number of falls: estimated 20,000
  • All bumpers are sold individually.

  • 25kg   91 mm thick
  • 20kg   75 mm thick
  • 15kg   62 mm thick
  • 10kg   47 mm thick
  • 5kg     26 mm thick
  • For home use: 2 years.
  • For commercial use: 1 year.
  • The 5kg bumpers should not be dropped from any height to the ground.
  • If dropping use must be on rubber flooring at least 15mm thick.