XLR8 Fastfoot Ladder


The original and still the best quality ladder on the market. Designed in New Zealand, over 50,000 sold worldwide.

  • One of the most popular and widely used quickness enhancement devices on the market today, simple, versatile and suitable for all sports young and old.
  • The hard wearing plastic rungs spaced at 45 cm intervals form an obstacle course guaranteed to challenge foot speed, balance, agility, and fitness.
  • Your ladder can be used safely on any surface and comes with a waterproof carry bag.
  • Choose from 4m or 8m ladders lengths.

Only XLR8 Ladders are supplied with Free instruction for the most effective training


Best selling video taking you through technique, beginner and more advanced drills.

  • Hands of detailed drill instruction and progressions.
  • All you need to know to develop great footwork.
  • Drills are demonstrated in both group and individual situations with clear audio, still frames, slow motion and bullet point graphics.