XLR8 Green Strength Band 6 Pack

The Green band is level 4 resistance with a 3.30cm rubber width. 

This resistance level is ideal for:

  • Strength training exercises.
  • Resisted conditioning sprint drills.
  • Bodyweight squats.
  • Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press resistance or assistance.
  • Assisted pull ups.
  • Jump drills.
Set Includes:
  • 6 x Level 4 Green Bands 3.30cm wide.
  • 1 x XLR8 Nylon Storage Bag

The bag will keep your bands clean, free from hanging wear and nicks, and away from UV light. Your bands will not only last longer and be clean for use your clients will know where to find them.

Band Use & Care
  • Examine bands for cuts, nicks, and abrasions before each use.
  • Do not stretch the band more than double its total length.
  • Prevent looping bands onto rough or grooved surfaces.
  • As the band is made of latex rubber, warm it up and gradually stretch it before heavy or fast stretch exercises.
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