XLR8 Mixed Mini Hurdles Set

Popular value add set of both 15cm Micro and 30cm Mini Hurdles. Having both sizes caters for all ages, sizes, abilities and training drills.

Set Includes

  • 6 x 30cm Mini Hurdles 
  • 6 x 15cm Micro Hurdles
  • 2 x Hurdle Carry Straps

Only XLR8 Ladders are supplied with Free instruction for the most effective training

Mini Hurdle Drills Online Video

Mini Hurdle drills improve sports performance and add endless variety to coaching, teaching and PT sessions.

  • This video demonstrates a comprehensive range of drills with something for all ages and fitness levels.
  • Must watch for teachers, trainers and coaches using mini hurdles. Drills feature the popular and versatile 15cm Mirco Hurdles and 30cm Mini Hurdles
  • Running time 13 minutes. Total drills 23.

Content Includes:

  • Introduction to hurdles and set up.
  • Stride technique with progressions.
  • Sprint outs.
  • Lateral movement and agility.
  • Jump drill.
  • Complex drill example
Hurdle Drills e-Booklet