ST001 7

XLR8 Olympic Bar 28mm 20kg


Commercial quality all-around weightlifting Olympic bar. Tough 700kg load rating.

Designed with a steel alloy shaft with a tensile strength of 220,000 PSI, with chrome sleeves and 8 high precision needle bearings. This bar is among the best in the industry in terms of feel, durability and performance

  • Sleeve - 415 mm long and 49,8mm diameter
  • Composition: High quality steel alloy.
  • Color: Chrome.
  • Knurl: In diamond pattern on the sides with two marks for powerlifting and weightlifting.
  • Bearing: 8 high precision needle bearings for smooth rotation.
  • PSI: 220,000
  • Load capacity: 700kg

Dimensions and Weights

Weight - 20kg   Length - 2200 mm
    Grip - 28mm diameter
    Sleeve - 415 mm long and 49,8mm diameter
Weight - 15kg   Length - 2000 mm
    Grip - 25mm diameter
    Sleeve - 320 mm long and 49,8mm diameter