XLR8 Speed & Agility Athlete Pack - Court Sports

Maximize speed and conditioning with the XLR8 Speed & Agility Athlete Pack for court sports!

  • From netball to basketball, racquet sports, and more, this pack is the ultimate training set-up for getting fit and quick.
  • It's designed to improve reactive speed, lateral movement, foot speed, and quickness, and features quality XLR8 equipment and instruction to ensure a safe, effective, and results-driven workout.
  • Plus, this pack is ideal for individuals and groups of two to three—so why not split the cost with a training partner? Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Get fast and get fit now.
Pack Contents
  • 6 x 15cm Micro Hurdles - Foot Speed, lateral Speed, Plyometric Hops
  • 1 x 4m Flat Footspeed Ladder- Balance, Agility, Foot Speed
  • 1 x Large Reaction Ball - Reactive Speed, Hand Speed, Ball Tracking
  • 1 x Set of 6 Agility Marker Spots - Agility, Lateral Speed
  • 1 x Red Mini Loop Band Heavy Resistance -  Lateral Speed, Quickness
  • 1 x Blue Mini Loop Band Medium Resistance - Lateral Speed, Quickness
  • 1 x Green Mini Loop Band Light Resistance - Lateral Speed, Quickness
  • 2 x Purple Strength Band Level 1 Resistance -Loaded Agility, Quickness
  • 1 x Band Connector - Connect 2 bands for longer distance loaded agility drills
  • 1 x Evasion Belt Set - Agility, Defending, Dodging, Reacting
  • 1 x Kit Bag

Keep your pack well organised and easy to store with a large kit bag.

Training Resources
  • Online Video Reactive Speed Drills
  • Online Video Ladder Drills
  • Online Video Mini Hurdle Drills
  • Speed for Sport ebook Training Guide PDF