XLR8 Hard Surface / Indoor Agility Pole Sets

Set Option

Excellent set designed for indoor or hard surface use. Also good to use on hard flat grass. Easy to set up and ideal for numerous skills, running and agility drills.

  • Made up of a black rubber base with removable 1.3m high white PVC pole.
  • Stands 1.4m high when assembled. Shorter than other pole options for transport and storage advantages.  
  • Pole diameter is 25m, this makes them compatible with post clips and cross bar poles if you wish to add these to your training. 
  • Buy in sets of 6, 10 or 14.
  • Each set includes a carry bag.
Only XLR8 Agility Poles are supplied with Free instruction for the most effective training

Agility Pole Drills Online Video

  • This dynamic online video demonstrates 24 Agility Pole drills for speed, agility, balance and fitness.
  • Featuring a wide range of formations sure to add endless variety to coaching sessions.
  • Excellent options for teachers, trainers, coaches and sportspeople looking for ideas.
  • Suits individuals through to large group or team training sessions.
  • Running time 15 minutes. Total of 8 layouts and 24 running drills.
  • Suits all ages and fitness levels.

Agility Pole Drills e-Booklet

  • Easy to follow exercises and drills with quality graphics and detailed instruction on set up and progressions.
  • 8 different formations with 24 drills.
  • Suits all levels and an excellent resource for PTs, teachers, trainers, and coaches.
  • Drills can be shared via e-mail, printed off to plan training sessions or attached to walls and floors for exercise / circuit stations.