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Hard Surface Agility Pole Set

Designed for indoor or hard surface use. Also good to use on grass but less stable than spike poles.

  • Easy to set up and ideal for numerous ball skills, running and agility drills.
  • Rubber base with removable 1.3m high white PVC pole. Stands 1.4m high.
  • Pole diameter is 25m, this makes them compatible with post clips and cross bar poles if you wish to add these to your training. 
  • At 1.4m high they are shorter than yellow spike poles which have transport advantages. 
  • Includes free Online Drills Video and eDrill Booklet stacked with drills. Set includes: 
  • 10 x Rubber Bases. 
  • 10 x White PVC Upright Poles. 
  • 1 x Carry Bag. 
  • Bonus Free Agility Pole Drills Online Video 
  • Bonus Free Agility Pole Drills ebook.