Locker Room Stretch Band


Constructed from high tension durable flexible webbing. The unique stretch properties allows for ideal stretching techniques to aid recovery from exercise and decrease risks associated with muscle tightness.

  • Webbing is also 6cm wide to ensure very comfortable use when fixed to varying parts of your body. 
  • Narrow straps using rigid cheap webbing designs do not match the Locker Room results. 
  • Lightweight and portable, use anywhere and anytime. 
  • Each Stretchband comes with an easy to use step by step stretching programme. Size Recommendations 
  • Small (Red) - Up to 170cm tall 
  • Medium (Blue) - 170cm to 190cm tall 
  • Large (Green) - 190cm tall Our Tip: The MEDIUM band is the most universal size to accommodate differences in both height and level of flexibility