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Field Sports - Sports Speed, Power & Agility Player Packs

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Best speed, agility and power training programme you will find for field sport athletes. Football, Touch Rugby, Flag, Rugby, League and Hockey.

Suited to individuals and training group of 2-3 players. Split the cost with your training partner!

  • These player packs are carefully designed with quality XLR8 equipment and instruction guides to ensure safe, effective and results driven training.
  • Train speed technique, footspeed, agility, evasion, direction change, cone-based drills, speed, flexibility, acceleration and anaerobic fitness.
  • Proven step by step training programme including speed eBook with supporting instruction videos.
Pack Options

Field Sports Speed Pack

Awesome pack focusing on the multi directional speed you need for sport. Footspeed, Technique, Speed Strength Acceleration and Agility.

  • 1 × 4m Footspeed Ladder
  • 6 x 30cm Mini Hurdles
  • 1 x Power Speed Resistor
  • 10 x Marker Cones
  • XLR8 Carry Bag

Premium Field Sports Speed Pack

This pack includes Speed Chutes for longer distance loaded sprinting and swerving drills, and., Evasion Belts for short space reactive speed and agility.

  • 1 × 4m Footspeed Ladder
  • 6 × 30cm Mini Hurdles
  • 1 x Power Speed Resistor
  • 1 x Evasion Belt
  • 1 x Power Speed Chute
  • 10 x Marker Cones
  • Carry Bag
Training Instruction Provided with these Packs
  • Unlike other books and DVDs on the market this resource is written by leading New Zealand fitness experts who have applied their trade from junior through to International level.
  • Train for an entire pre-season, or pick drills and speed training sessions to suit any workout.
  • Suits all positions and all fitness/playing age. Each chapter includes drills for the beginner, intermediate and advanced abilities. You set the level.

 Speed Training for Sport ebook Training Guide

Complete speed and agility guide stacked full of drills and session plans guaranteed to develop speed, agility and quickness. 

  • Easy for follow presentation of drills caters for players or coaches, individuals or teams, fitness professionals or beginners. You set the level.
  • Full colour A4, 80 pages, 9 chapters, over 75 drills. Quality imagery and graphics for clear instruction.
  • Prepared sessions for quick and easy set up.
  • Workout tables with drills, reps, sets, rest periods and guidelines to suit all levels.
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced drill and session options.
  • Session and season planning.
  • No delivery delays, quickly access from any device or print at home.

Chapters Includes:

  • Footwork / Footspeed
  • Speed Mechanics / Technique
  • Resisted Sprinting and Acceleration
  • Evasion & Agility
  • Cone Team Agility Drills
  • Session and Season Planning
  • Planning and Monitoring

Speed & Agility for sport DVD Video Download Set

Best seller with thousands of copies sold Worldwide. You don’t have to be a track coach to teach sports speed!

  • A combined massive 70 drills and 80 minutes of hands of detailed drill instruction and progressions.
  • All you need to know to develop speed and agility for any sport.
  • Drills are demonstrated in both group and individual situations with clear audio, still frames, slow motion and bullet point graphics.

Chapters Include:

  • Warming up with speed flexible drills.
  • Footspeed drills with Speed Ladders.
  • Leg speed and stride length with Mini Hurdles.
  • Resisted sprinting techniques with Speed Resistors.
  • One on one agility drills with Evasion Belts.
  • Hand eye coordination, reactions, agility, footwork with Reactive Balls.
  • Quickness and agility team drills using cones.

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