XLR8 Climbing Rope

Rope climbing is a compound exercise that works a range of muscles and joints to develop excellent forearm and grip strength while working the arms and back. Rope climbs are an excellent confidence and strength builder for athletes of all abilities. Beginner athletes can practice eccentric lowering from a standing position before progressing through climbing with their legs on the rope and finally, legless rope climbs for the more advanced athlete.

XLR8’s Climbing Rope is made from sisal, a natural fibre that is tough wearing and offers a natural grip. Our Climbing Rope is 38mm thick and 5 metres long with an eyelet attachment so that you can fix it as a vertical climbing rope and or attach it to a sled for standing or seated pulls.


Material: natural sisal fibre

Length: 5m

Width: 38mm

Please note: natural Sisal Fibre will not get slippery with use, however it is a natural fibre so it may drop strands of fibres when used new within the studio.