XLR8 Court Sports Team Training Pack

Flex your team's agility and quickness with our Netball Basketball Speed & Agility Pack.

This pack is the ultimate training set-up for getting fit and quick. Custom designed for coaches, teachers and trainers of any level to run flexible fitness, speed and agility training sessions for court team sports.

  • It's designed to improve reactive speed, lateral movement, foot speed, and quickness, and features quality XLR8 equipment and instruction to ensure a safe, effective, and results-driven workout.
  • Perfect for small to large squads, this customised pack of drills and exercises will hone your team's lateral quickness, acceleration, foot speed, hand speed, plyometrics and evasion - no matter your fitness level.
  • Drills can be tailored to suits all levels and used indoors or out. 

This pack caters for a squads of up to 12 players all working on the same activity.

For example the full squad can do ladder drills, move onto hurdle drills, evasion drills, mini loop band lateral drills, reaction ball quickness drills  as 6 pieces of equipment works 12 players perfectly in pairs.

The pack will cater for much larger player numbers if you set up and run a training circuit, splitting players into groups for each station.

For example:

  • Station 1 - Ladder Drills
  • Station 2 - Evasion Belt Drills
  • Station 3 - Mini Loop Band Lateral Drills
  • Station 4 - Reactive Ball Drills
  • Station 5 - Hurdle Drills
  • Station 6 - Marker Spot Drills.
Pack Contents
  • 6 x Reaction Balls
  • 1 x 8m Flat Footspeed Ladder
  • 12 × 15cm Micro Hurdles
  • 6 x Evasion Belts
  • 6 x Green Mini Loop Bands
  • 1x Agility Marker Spot Set of 6
  • 1 x Carry Bag

Keep your pack well organised with the large kit bag, easily move take to the courts, pack up and store.

Pack Training Resources 
  • Online Video Reactive Speed
  • Online Video Quickness & Agility for Sport Vol 1
  • Online Video Quickness & Agility for Sport Vol 2
  • Speed for Sport ebook Training Guide PDF