XLR8 Double Wall Ball Target

Wall Ball Target can be used as an addition to any rig in your space.Two targets to cater for standard measurement of 3050 mm for men and 2750 mm for women.

Designed so it can be bolted directly onto the rig itself or attached using the bracket provided, it extends 600mm off the rig on a 35 degree angle. 

The target itself is 10mm thick plate steel that has been manufactured with holes for easy installation at multiple heights on the 12ft upright.

  • 60 mm square tube and steel plate. Finished in micro textured electrostatic powder paint.
  • Non scratch flat surfaces
  • Size 356 mm x 205 mm x 975 mm
  • Steel Tube Thickness: 5mm
  • Steel Plate Thickness: 10mm
  • Weight 10 kg