XLR8 Flying Pull Up Bar


Suitable to use between half racks, wall mounted rigs and free standing rigs to create a multi height pull up/chin up bar. 

Positioned at roughly a 45-degree angle, this all-in-one, 4-bar attachment functions like a heavy-duty pull-up ladder, demanding greater muscle recruitment and explosiveness from an athlete as they advance from rung to rung. 

The Flying Pull-Up Bar can also be used with gymnastic rings, adding the greater height often needed for better muscle-ups and other movements.


  • Includes 4 individual 1100mm Single Pull-up Bars on a gradual incline to promote greater power output.
  • Grip Diameter:32mm.
  • 75cm square tube .
  • Matte finish, scratch resistant rub.
  • Fixing plate 8mm thick, 8 fixing holes, M20 bolts.
  • For safety, the Flying Pull-Up Bar should only be installed on rigs or racks that are securely fastened to the floor.