XLR8 J-Hooks

XLR8 J-Hooks are an essential part of any upright structure to sit your bars.

Easy to put on and take off. Simply slide in the 23mm pin and turn to lock into place. 

Uprights have holes up and down the face of the beam, which allows multiple height adjustments to suit any user height. 

The surface area of the J-Hook is bent from a single piece of steel, which ensures structural integrity. 

The inner protective surface is now made from industrial Nylon (Not rubber) to ensure longevity in a commercial studio and protection for your barbells for many years to come.

  • Sold as a pair.
  • Total weight: 2.6 kg per unit.
  • Maximum Capacity: 450Kg.
  • UHMW Industrial nylon top surface to protect your bars from wear.
  • Inserts protect barbells from damage and reduces noise.