XLR8 Power Sack


The latest New Zealand innovation in functional training. Simply fill the sack with a Strength Bag to convert a sled tow resistance training tool.

  • Enjoy all the advantages of metal sled tow training with none of the disadvantages.
  • Resisted Sprinting, Strongman, Anaerobic Conditioning & Core Training all in one training tool.
  • Lightweight, safe flexible materials package flat to takes up very little space.
  • Easily transport and set up multiple Power Sacks for group training, try doing that with metal sleds.
  • The safe slide design of the Power Sack suits any surface. Use on everything from artificial turf, wooden gym floors, gym carpet, grass and sand.
  • Heavy duty bonded PVC upper & easy slide rubber mat base held together with rot proof stitching.
  • All weather. No need to cancel training when it rains. Take your Power Sack anywhere and in any weather conditions without having to worry about expensive weight plates or metal sleds rusting.
  • New Zealand designed and made here in Christchurch.
  • Power Sack Only - If you have a harness and connecting lead already these can be used with your power sack so no need to buy more.
  • Power Sack Set - Includes Towing Harness and Connecting Lead.
  • Power Sack Multi Set - Includes Power Sack, Harness, Connecting Lead and Power Resistance Handles. Use these for pulling and dragging work outs.