XLR8 Power Speed Chute

Great for athletics and outdoor team ball sports where you sprint longer distances and need to change direction whilst sprinting. No other training tool can achieve this!

  • As you sprint the Power Speed Chute expands with air creating a drag effect. This loads your sprinting to improve acceleration, speed endurance and high-speed direction change.
  • Because the Chute floats you can train direction change at top speed under a load, which is unique to this great training device.
  • The Chute can be used for varying distances of 10-200m, weighs only a few grams, can be easily carried to training, and takes very little room to store.

The  original New Zealand design, thousands sold worldwide.

  • XLR8 Chutes have been developed over many years of successful use at the highest level of sport. Quality of materials, stitching, flight and drag have been honed and refined to produce a Chute that will get great results and outlast the competition.

Only XLR8 Speed Chutes are supplied with Free instruction Guide for effective training